Metal and Rubber Roofing Solutions

Every roof is different, with ins-and-outs that require a variety of options for solving problems. There is no single answer but there IS our singular mission: to provide the most affordable roof upgrade and repair, installed with superior workmanship, using only proven, dependable products.

The most significant advance in roofing solutions is roof coatings
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Top ten examples of problem-solving roofs

  1. Metal roof coatings
  2. Elastomeric roof coatings
  3. Single ply systems
  4. Flat roof coatings
  5. Polyurethane foam roofing
  6. Rubber roof coating
  7. Reinforced ply systems
  8. Shingle roof repair coatings
  9. Reflective coatings to upgrade energy efficiency
  10. The custom designed solution to your roofing problem

Metal roof coatings stop leaks, eliminate rust, and turn hot metal into a cooler energy-saver. Consider it metal restoration, because of the work done to prepare your roof before the weather and heat-shielding top coat is applied. Your roof lasts longer because the coating maintains integrity for so long.

Elastomeric roof coatings are virtually weather-proof. They are “elastic”. In heat the coating stretches then it cools back to its original size. Elastomers adhere so well they stay put in strong wind. They are reflective, to bounce back sun rays. You see significant energy cost savings.

Single ply systems solve complicated roof problems with a straightforward solution: flexible sheets of synthetic rubber are unrolled, fastened and sealed to your existing roof. It’s strong, elastic, good looking and long-lasting.

Flat roof coatings and insulation systems are engineered to eliminate chronic leaking, ponding and rapid deterioration associated with flat roofs. Whether your current roof is:

  • hot-tar
  • modified bitumen
  • rubber
  • built-up
  • single-ply
  • metal
  • polyurethane foam, you can add as many as 20 years of useful life

Polyurethane foam and coating roofing systems are seamless and virtually leak-proof. Because it has no seams, there is no way water gets through. It has 85% reflectivity, which means it deflects so much of the sun’s energy that it can pay for itself in four to seven years of lowered cooling costs. It forms a nearly impermeable layer of insulation. That has the highest R-Value per inch in the heating and cooling industry.

Rubber roof coating adds a layer of protection, years of life to your current roof, and substantial cost savings from reduced energy use. A seamless coating – applied to the rubber we refurbish first – results in years of worry-free protection for your commercial property.

Reinforced ply systems are a four-ply watertight membrane, made extra tough with a layer of embedded fabric. It will stand up to extreme weather, resist punctures from flying branches, and cuts energy consumption. It’s a long-lasting fix for leaks that is custom built on-site.

Shingle roof repair seals up your shingles without taking them off. A seamless, specially-developed acrylic coating extends the life of a shingle or rolled roof by ten years or more. It is the best value in protection.

Reflective coatings

You’ve noticed by now that all of our roofing systems come in white and light colors that bounce solar rays back into the atmosphere, decreasing the demand for cooling on the interior of your home or business.

When we earn your business, you eliminate cookie-cutter answers. We are second-generation roofers, who had the foresight, and saw a need for the uncomplicated value of roof coatings vs standard roofing materials.

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